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Thick Crust Sicilian Moon Pizza! We are not kidding about our thick crust sicilian pizza to satisfy anyone's appetite. Literally many have said our pizza is one of the best tasting Moon Pizza around. After our thick crust sicilian pizza comes out of the oven, we immediately put it into one of our pizza boxes. The crust reaches almost to the edge of the pizza box, and this just tells you about your pizza value. Moon PizzaOur pizza dough is always made daily to give you the best for all our Moon Twp Pizza's.

We just don't skimp:
Today it is so important to give you a delicious meal each and every time. Whatever topping you choose, we make sure your we give you a good proportion of the topping you choose. It is our mission to provide you with the best. Other places have said they were voted to be the best. Before we can positively say those other places were voted to be the best, we just have one question : Where can you sign up to vote on who has the best Moon Twp pizza?

We bring value to your plate:

To us quality is everything, and that is why our focus is on bringing you the best pizza, the best calzone or wedgie to your plate. Once you try our delicious foods, you will agree there is one place that is passionate about their food who offers fantastic value along with quality. We always add the freshest ingredients to all our pizza's. Some places often may have their toppings frozen before spreading it on to the pizza. We take pride in what we do, and our Moon Pizza earns its reputation through word-of-mouth.

White Pizza:
What we can tell you is all our customers who have tried our white pizza and our special white pizza sauce keep on coming back again and again for more. Some have said the sauce delivers an exceptional flavor combined with our special cheese. While we can agree that all our Moon Pizza and other foods are delicious, we urge you to try our delicious white pizza.

Moon Pizza

Hand Tossed Moon Pizza:

To offer the best in flavor, it is our mission to prepare our specialty pizzas by hand tossing them. We know it takes many years of practice not just to toss the pizza, but to prepare it ready to be tossed to make that just right shape for all our delicious toppings that will complete our pizzas. Every time our customer's frequent this site, they have always told us just by browsing what we have to say about our Moon Township Pizza makes them hungry for more.

Sport Team Events :

Our Hearty Sicilian Thick Crust Pizza is Choice. Sometimes having a hearty Moon pizza is fulfilling for a meal in itself. Often many folks choose to get our Thick Crust Sicilian Pizza for most organizations who want a meal that will satisfy any age. We offer our thick crust sicilian in three different cuts that include eight, sixteen and twenty four cut. Should you have a baseball, football, or soccer meeting with your players and want your players to have a rewarding meal. We know our thick crust sicilian pizza will solve their hunger needs. Again, once you try our Moon Pizza, we know you will admit to others that we are proud to deliver quality delicious foods all the time.

Meals for the Office :

We offer free delivery on all our foods, including our Moon Township Pizza. While you are at your workplace, we know you will come back for more to order some of our finest Spanish Dishes or even our exceptional fine dinners.